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Interesting investments that you should make in your 20s

Personal loan

When you are young, this is the best time to make informed financial decisions that can save you from a life of debt after school. Saving at an early age is a wise move that you should take from your college years. Different forms of investments can also give your finances a strong foundation. Your financial decisions as a young adult could impact your future. You’re best to start saving and putting some money away to know you always have something to fall back on if necessary. Although, if you use all of your savings investing in things which you can’t really afford to and then find yourself in a difficult situation, a personal loan might be your best option. A personal loan is usually between £1,000 and £35,000 giving you a whole range of amounts you could borrow.

Medical Bills in the future

Most old people wish that they knew this secret when they were young with few responsibilities. Therefore, take advantage of this time and start investing in different futures. For instance, taking care of your health can save you from a lot of health care expenses. Getting fit when you are young prevents you from health issues that are expensive to treat. Therefore, enrol in a gym membership or health clubs now and save more in the future.

Charitable Acts

Consider engaging in a non-profit organization such as Kiva. This is a micro-finance institution that lets you loan money to business enterprises in developing countries. Through charitable acts, you can help yourself and others. You can either withdraw the repayments or re-invest in another business. You should also start building an online presence in your 20s. Social networking sites can help you make sound business connections and start earning profits from the platforms.


Self-insurance is another form of investment that you should consider while young. At this stage, you probably don’t have a lot of insurable items such as a mortgage cover, but you should protect anything that is valuable to you.

Wage Insurance

Your technological items may be the most expensive devices you own. Therefore, ensure your tablet, laptop or even your phone that you use in your business as you get a policy which can cover their loss. Wage insurance can also take care of your bills when you are unemployed or going through unpaid sick leave.


Do you have a project but lack the funds to finance it? Take advantage of the crowdfunding platform from a young age. This can make your business network to grow and help you gain investment returns. As you look into investing in stocks, you should not have the mentality of making big profits from it. Start by making yourself familiar with the whole process. You may not have a lot of capital to invest in stocks, but you should look for stable companies that give you the chance to buy and sell stock without using a broker.

Familiarise your data

You should also get familiar with how to file all your documents online to avoid losing important data. Though most people prefer getting external hard drives, they can get damaged and lose all your data. Take advantage of google docs which provide filing solutions which are reliable and safe. The format is easy to use, and the platform is free. It, therefore, saves you money and protects vital information.

Wine Stock Exchange

Try investing in a wine stock exchange. This is a stable investment that can make you a lot of cash. Wine takes years for it to mature and get ready for sale. Get your three sets of good wine, store them properly and look for a wine auction. Take preventive measures to avoid unnecessary expenses in life, for instance, getting a spare tire can save you in case of an emergency.

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